Thursday, 27 November 2008


Despite initiatives, action plans and lots and lots of hot air Argentina remains possibly the most dangerous country in the world in which to watch a football match. The latest 2 fatalities received little coverage outside of the country which gives some indication of how commonplace such incidents have become. Last Saturday, Daniel Lopez 21 was watching Colon Santa Fe take on Godoy Cruz Mendoza along with his brothers. According to his hospitalised brother Maximiliano an argument broke out between Daniel and a younger fan. A seemingly minor incident developed rapidly into violence with Daniel being fatally stabbed. The catalyst for all this seems to be that the Lopez brothers had the audacity to watch the match from an area of the stadium they don't usually frequent. Their fellow fans didn't appreciate their presence.

Last weekend's other tragedy was the result of clashes that took place over 3 weeks previously. Huracan supporter and member of the El Pueblito gang 27 year old Rodrigo Silvera (Cafu) was shot during clashes with San Lorenzo supporters. On this occasion Huracan and San Lorenzo fans fought outside of a pizzeria. No stabbings this time, however a total of 4 fans received gunshot wounds of which Cafu's was the most serious. He passed away 23 days after the incident.

Apart from the fatalities two other things stand out: Daniel Lopez was most likely killed by a fellow Colon supporter. Cafu was killed on a day when Huracan and San Lorenzo weren't even playing each other.