Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Riquelme's Celebration

Having a moan and groan at an over-paid, under-performing pampered professional is one of joys of attending a game. In these days of mega rich players venting our spleen is one of the few ways us fans can show displeasure. Which brings me to last Sunday's 2-1 home victory for Boca Juniors over Racing Club; Juan Roman Riquelme (JRR) emphatically scored a dubious penalty, was having a decent game and popped-up to drill a volley past Pablo Migliore in the Racing goal to secure the points. On celebrating his winner JRR ran half the length of the field and remonstrated angrily with a young fan who had been verbally abusing him all game. What I fail to understand about this is firstly why single out JRR for treatment - one of the stars of what may well be a Championship winning team. Secondly the odd shout or moan at a misplaced pass or an over hit shot is acceptable; but the torrent of verbal abuse must have been loud and consistent enough for for the player to make a mental note of the perpetrator.

Enter the authorities and the ridiculous notion that the player may well be charged and fined for 'inciting violence'. The celebration/confrontation did not involve any opposing fans. Not content in dealing with the actual violence that is taking place at games all over the country the bureaucrats seem to want to make an issue out of this. JRR sensibly highlighted that the country has more pressing problems than his goal celebration. Admittedly there were a few pushes by other fans on the offender, but nothing more. On hearing of the potential fine JRR said that any sanction would 'make me laugh'.

Lets hope this action goes no further and common sense wins.

Hasta luego!

Check the goal and the celebration: