Thursday, 13 November 2008

I Want Oscar

Storm clouds are gathering in Buenos Aires and they're heading towards Glasgow. We're approximately 2 weeks in to Diego Maradona's reign as boss of La Seleccion and the first conflict between himself and the AFA is in full swing. The catalyst for this is El Diez's insistence on his World Cup winning teammate Oscar Ruggeri joining his coaching staff as No 2. AFA president Julio Grondona is not having any of it and flatly refuses to endorse his appointment. The exact nature of Grondona's problem with Ruggeri is not known and he's not giving many clues to the media at present, 'perhaps I don't like his face, who knows'. Very strange indeed.

As to how serious the current situation is depends on who you believe. Bilardo is trying to calm fears by ensuring that Maradona has no intention of resigning. However other unknown sources close to El Diez state that if Ruggeri doesn't join the set up Diego will be off. On Saturday the team are due to depart for Scotland with Maradona assuring that he'll be on the flight. What happens after next Wednesday's game is anybody's guess.

If the unthinkable happens and he does walk contractual issues shouldn't be too difficult to resolve - Maradona is yet to sign on the dotted line.

Hasta luego!