Monday, 4 August 2008

Ortega & River Plate - No More?!

Ariel Ortega, the player once labelled the 'the new Maradona' (which Argentine prodigy isn't?) is competing well with Diego when it comes to going off the rails. In a display of driving reminiscent of Tony Adams prior to his resurection 'El Burrito' gave the world a lesson in how not to exit a petrol station. After what Argentine TV described as a night of excess and pursued by a collection of cameras he proceeded to reverse his BMW into a petrol pump. He failed to turn-up for training the next day.

It's the latest incident in his long standing battle with the demon drink and could well turn out to be his route out of River Plate. Diego Simeone, the coach has left him out of the team for their final pre-season friendly and by all accounts would like to go further. However it's seems as though the board are willing to give him one more chance providing he seeks treatment either in Argentina or elsewhere. The other option is to cut their losses and sell the player, last week an offer came in from Al-mir in the UAE to take the player on loan for 10 months - earning him $1.7m. If the UAE is a 'dry' country he could do worse???!!!!

One thing is clear - he will not play for any other club in Argentina, for El Burrito it's only River.

Hasta Luego