Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Ortega Joins Indpendiente...................

Rivadavia of Mendoza. Never let it be said that I don't keep you upto date with a story (this is only 5 days late). This time last week it seemed that Ariel Ortega's only playing exit out of River Plate would be to join Al Ain in the UAE. How keen El Burrito was on this move is difficult to say; although if he found it tough to settle in Istanbul I imagine it wouldn't be easier in the Gulf. Some of the Argentine press described it as an 'Oasis in the desert' I couldn't disagree more.

Anyway that was days ago, step up Independiente Rivadavia from the foothills of the Andes who play in Nacional B - the second tier of Argentine football. Initially the approach was rejected by River but thanks to some top level maneuvering the move finally went through. Ortega is thought to be getting $100,000 per month for the 10 month contract, whilst River will get $500,000. One clause in the contract ensures that El Burrito must restart his treatment for alcoholism. This will take place for 2 days a week at a clinic in Santiago, to make this possible his new club must provide him with a private plane. What his new team mates will think of this is not known at present. Ortega visited this clinic last year - so how successful it was is open to debate given his recent antics. 'The most important thing for me is to play football, it's not important where' which sounds like a big thumbs up for Independiente.

This could be his ideal move with a view to bowing out of the game gracefully. Away from bustling Buenos Aires to the clear mountain air of Mendoza. I just hope he keeps away from the vineyards or it may all end in tears.

Hasta Luego!