Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Let the Games Begin

Far be it from me to question the tactical know-how and knowledge of a World Cup winner, however I was a little surprised when Sergio Batista, the Olympic teams' coach admitted he'd been visiting an astrologer. Thoughts of Eileen Drury, Glen Hoddle and controversial quotes to the media crossed my mind. However if 'El Checo' and his boys bring home the gold who'll care? In an engaging interview with the sports daily Ole the chain smoking 45 year old revealed that he wouldn't stop puffing anytime soon (Marlboro's are his faves) and under no circumstances would he be shaving off his beard. The cigarettes seem to have aided his confident outlook and his belief in his own ability, win or lose he'll return to Argentina to ride out the storm.

Would he be prepared to leave out Messi, or Riquelme? The team comes first, if it has to be done it will be. In the case of Messi this may be taken out of his hands given the protestations of Barcelona and the situation seems to be having an unstabilising effect on the player. There's nothing quite like putting additional pressure on the lad though, he sees Messi as a leader in the same vein as Maradona was in '86. What's more when asked who is currently the best player in the world he responded: Messi, followed by Kaka, Robinho and then Riquelme. Did he forget Frank Lampard Junior??????!!!!!!!!!!

GOLD - always believe.

Hasta luego