Saturday, 8 August 2009

Take it as Red

When is red not red? When it's LG red of course. The Korean electronics company has what is to most people a red and white logo.....although to Boca Juniors President it's 'burgundy'. Jorge Ameal has qualified the exact shade of red in light of mounting criticism and vitriol from a proportion of Boca's fans, disgusted that the colours of Superclásico rivals River Plate should somehow find their way onto the sacred shirt.

Given the debt-ridden quagmire that most clubs find themselves in, not least Boca - the protesting fans could do worse than take heed of the ancient proverb 'Money talks and bullshit walks'. Firstly LG are paying the club in US Dollars to have their name on the shirt, not in the yo-yoing Argentine Peso, secondly it's not a bad deal - 3 years at $2m pa increasing by $250k per year too. Shirt sponsors are temporary whilst club colours are eternal.

Perhaps the fans would have other matters on their minds if the season was expected to kick off as scheduled next Friday. At time of writing that doesn't appear likely as unpaid salaries and taxes still remain. AFA President Julio Grondona should however be given credit for sucessfully shifting the focus and the blame for the current impasse from his organisation and club mis-management to the TV companies. Well dodged Julio.

Hasta luego!