Sunday, 2 August 2009

Gonzalo Bergessio - Prizefighter

Nothing dulls the senses and dampens enthusiasm for a forthcoming campaign quite like an insipid pre-season friendly the flip side being a humiliating and confidence shattering defeat, Newcastle United's 6-1 defeat at Leyton Orient springs to mind.

San Lorenzo's 'friendly' against Uruguayan amateur side Atlético El General last Thursday was anything but standard fare. Ciclón striker Gonzalo Bergessio took fighting for the cause all too literally following a tussle with Uruguayan defender Gusmán Elizarzú - punches were thrown mainly by Bergessio who used his not inconsiderable bulk to great effect (View here: Rumours that Elizarzú had made an ill-timed quip about bouncing cheques to the striker are as yet unfounded.... The match was abandoned following the ruck with the Argentines 2-0 up.

Bergessio, like most of his colleagues at San Lorenzo is the source of constant rumours about his future given the club's plight with Villarreal the latest club linked with him. More of a bar room brawler than a cultured fighter, Bergessio could however make some cash bare-knuckle fighting should the bailiffs come calling. With two World Cup qualifiers looming for Argentina the proverbial loose cannon could be a risk too far for Maradona, who hasn't called upon him for the friendly against Russia next week.

The 'opponent' 26 year old warehouse worker Gusmán Elizarzú was understandbly shaken by the affair 'You're crazy' were his final words to the raging Bergessio, later commenting on Bergessio's mass 'Have you seen the muscles on him?, He eats well, I weigh 68kgs and work 9 hours a day' he told Olé. As yet he hasn't spoken to anyone or received an apology from San Lorenzo, he is though willing to forgive but unlikely to forget his 'friendly'.

Hasta Luego!