Thursday, 16 October 2008

Players with Attitude

I thought I would try to avoid picking over the bones of La Seleccion's latest disappointment for this post as there are pages and pages of analysis all over the web.

Roberto Colautti is not a well known name in the UK, he was the star striker for Maccabi Haifa in Israel and is now playing for Borussia Monchengladbach in Germany. He is hoping to make more of an impression this term after suffering numerous injuries in his first season. In a recent telephone interview in El Grafico Roberto says he is settling in well and adapting to life in Germany indeed his main problem (by his own admission) seems to have been pronouncing 'Borussia Monchengladbach'.

Argentine players returning to the old continent in days gone by would invariably head for latin Europe for obvious historical and cultural reasons. It now seems to be a case of have skills will travel. The Ukraine, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and the list could go on and on. The sheer volume of players leaving Argentina never ceases to amaze, during the 2008 summer break 59 players moved overseas. For every Carlos Tevez there is a Gaston Sangoy (currently playing for Apollen Limassol).

Players are leaving for financial reasons and the clubs need the revenue. Simple economics. I am unsure as to how much longer this situation can continue. It cannot fail to have a negative impact on the domestic league and it's popularity with the paying public. Young fans need to see their heroes playing for the shirt for more than one Apertura and Clasura campaign.

So why are Argentine players so attractive to foreign clubs? Obviously the price. In addition they have generally had excellent youth training and posses great technical ability. There is also something intangible - their attitude and dedication. Their ability to adapt to different cultures and countries. Not all of them who travel abroad can become superstars and 'Megacracks' but the overwhelming majority become solid dependable professionals.

For all of the negatives that the exodus has on the domestic game the country should take pride in the way these players conduct themselves in their adopted homelands.

Here are some of Roberto's goals for Boca and Maccabi Haifa:

Hasta luego!