Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Maradona, Bilardo and La Seleccion

Admittedly I didn't see that one now seems to be a done deal and will be finalised next week. After reading various articles, comments end expert opinions on Diego's appointment reaction is mixed to say the least. It's either seen as a stroke of genius or one of the most insane appointments in the history of the game. Those in the 'for' camp point to his ability to connect with the players, something which was obviously lacking under Basile. His iconic status and passion for the shirt - as if this will somehow naturally transfer to winning formations and balanced team selections. The 'against' camp highlight his woeful lack of experience and the media circus which could distract the team (this could be a positive by deflecting attentions away from the stars).

Much speculation has turned towards the role of Carlos 'El Narigon' Bilardo, Maradona's manager at the 86 & 90 World Cups. Whilst the AFA insist that Maradona will be the one making all the decisions the influence of the 69 year old cannot be understated. Whether you like or loathe his methods, or give credence to various dubious allegations; he has something that Maradona does not - successful managerial experience.

It's all smiles at the moment, but a clash of egos will make for essential viewing.

Hasta luego!