Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Comeback Burro!

In times of crisis it's human nature to look back. Back to happier times with better memories, when the grass was greener and our chosen football team swept all before it.

Given the internal squabbling and lack of togetherness at Boca prior to the Superclasico, Simeone and his players must have been looking forward to getting their season back on track. As we know it didn't work out that way and in the aftermath of the home defeat to 10-man Boca the fans of River Plate are looking towards the West, and to the feet of Ariel Ortega. Having been the architect of previous triumphs many of them want him to return from his (enforced?) exile in Mendoza - see previous posts in August for details.

Numerous blogs and comments reflect the desperation felt by many of the fans: 'Please come back Burro' cries Juan Gonzalez on River Blog La Pagina Millionaria. 'Without Ortega these players will win nothing' decrees another. The consensus seems to be that even given all the baggage and problems that accompany him River would be in a much better position if he was in the team and that it was a mistake to let him go. One fan goes a step further and wants Saviola, Aimar and Cavenaghi all to return - maybe Enzo Francescoli could also make a comeback???!

If Ortega does return and changes the club's fortunes one thing is certain; he will be even more idolised than he is at present. Then again you should never go back..........................??

Hasta luego!