Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Resigned To It - Angel Cappa

Adressing the fans directly via his blog ( Angel Cappa of Hurcán is now the ex-coach of Huracán. In the early hours of Tuesday morning he announced his resignation in a post titled 'Hasta Pronto'. His frustration has been building throughout the Apertura; the team, a mere shadow of the one which passed and thrilled it's way to runners-up spot in the last campaign has struggled to find any form and have managed just 2 victories.

Cappa offered his resignation a few weeks ago but was persuaded to stay on until December. Last Saturday's clasico defeat at home to San Lorenzo (0-2) and the die was cast. 'I can't say goodbye to Huracán' he begins 'It's been a privilege to be involved in and with the development of a team that will surely take it's place in the club's history and possibly occupy an important place in Argentine football'. Proud of his reputation as a coach who demands football to be played the right way he believes his crusade also has implications for the game as a whole - 'Argentine football found hope' {in Huracán}. It's easy to accuse him of having an over-inflated sense of his own self-worth, pretentious too; but those who witnessed them destroy River Plate and Racing with their tiki tiki quick passing game can understand why such claims are made.

What now? He'll be cheering on Huracán from the stands and hopefully the blog will continue. As for the team's star midfielder and Maradona saviour Mario Bolatti has already intimated that he'll be moving on, he told La Nacion 'It'll be very difficult for me to continue after December..........many things have happened since July but now is not the time to talk about them'.

Jesús Martínez - reserve team coach will take over in the interim, as for long term solutions president Carlos Babbington has alluded to Miguel Brindisi who's now out of work after coaching in Mexico - his salary demands may well exceed what el Globo can offer a fact already acknowledged by Babbington. Also in the frame is Diego Cocca ex of Godoy Cruz.

Huracán 4 - 0 River Plate

Racing 1 - 4 Huracán