Saturday, 3 October 2009

In His Own Words

Tired of hearing how 'we was robbed'? Bored of being told by managers that 'the lads worked hard'? Fed-up with formulaic, media friendly, insipid responses to questions? Ever wondered what they're really thinking, ever wanted a more in-depth analysis of how the boss sees things?

Lover of beautiful football, Menotista and all round good egg Angel Cappa - coach of Huracan has recently entered the world known as the 'blogosphere' and started posting his own thoughts for public consumption. Unlike many of us who do this Cappa has actually got something to say and he says it. His postings to date (four in September) give us an insight into the motivations and thoughts of a man committed to his very own footballing philosophy. He likens the decimation of his Clasura squad (Javier Pastore, Carlos Araujo, Matias Defederico) to 'an elephant marauding through a newly planted garden, everything is destroyed' on losing the Championship in the last game to Velez 'I will never forget the performance of Brazenas [referee] it denied the whole neighbourhood the outpouring of joy we deserved by playing better than the others'. Huracan are not having the best of campaigns thus far (something to do with the elephant......?) and are propping-up the table. In his latest post following yet another defeat to Velez, Cappa thanks the fans for their continuing support 'after the defeat I saw people clapping the players, this only happens at Huracan, despite whatever occurs the fans support the team' As for his future at the club despite being offered a contract extension he's holding off for the moment although not for financial reasons he asserts, currently all his energies are being put into changing the team's fortunes 'these losses overwhelm us' he laments.

The cynics would argue that given Huracan's current predicament he shouldn't be wasting time writing for the likes of you and I, given the number of followers to his blog (857 and rising) many fans take a different view. Cappa now can talk directly to the supporters, without having to rely on the media to distribute and on occasion distort his message - very useful in times of crisis.

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