Friday, 4 September 2009

Pass the Water

Photo: AP
When the suits from FIFA deemed Rosario Central's stadium fit to host tomorrow evening's Argentina v Brazil World Cup Qualifier it's reasonable to assume one of the pre-requisites is fully functioning and reliable plumbing - toilets that flush, showers that are hot and water that is drinkable. It seems the CBF are not confident on the last point. If they were why on earth ship the stuff over the border. The answer of course goes back to Italia '90 and Argentina's 2nd round defeat of Brazil - the real Water-gate. Brazil's defender Branco was handed a bottle of water from the Argentine bench during a break in play which allegedly contained tranquilisers. Branco himself said he felt light headed and drowsy towards the latter stages of the clash. Argentina vehemently denied any wrong doing in what has since been referred to as the 'Holy Water' incident. Some 15 years later Maradona confirmed on a TV show that the dirty little affair had indeed taken place whilst stressing he had no direct involvement.

In 1990 Carlos Bilardo was the coach of the national side, today he's Maradona's side-kick and general manager - could this be why Dunga and his side are being so cautious? 'We're going to take our own water to avoid any problems. We'll only drink our own' Brazil's Dani Alves told Argentine broadsheet La Nacion. Tomorrow's game will no doubt have it's own talking points but thankfully the preamble and endless build-up is almost over. From Adriano spouting that Argentina are 'scared of me' to World Cup winner Nery Pumpido telling us 'the crowd will play their part' many have had their say, with some comments being more enlightening than others. The main event takes place in 24 hours.

The winner from 1990 (I'll have some of what Diego was on):
Hasta luego!