Monday, 22 June 2009

Violence Overshadows Huracán's Title Charge

Bad pitches, Maradona’s psychological state, ex-Presidents showering gifts on players……after a crazy 10 days the football finally threatened to grab the headlines this weekend with crucial games at both ends of Primera A. Sadly violence has once again appeared at football with two fans paying the ultimate price.

With Huracán closing in on their first title since 1973 and by general consensus playing the best football in the league their 3-0 home victory over Arsenal should be cause for celebration. However this being Argentina the presence of the Barra Brava is never too far away. At the end of the game fierce fighting took place involving differing factions of Huracán’s barras, the end result being two shot dead and four injured. To fans in Europe this in-fighting is a relatively alien concept where problems generally occur between different clubs. To control and lead a club’s gang in Argentina doesn’t just provide free entrance to matches, a great deal of money can be made engaging in other shady activities – to be a ‘capo’ is a fulltime job of what is in effect a criminal organisation. The battle of McDonald’s which took place earlier this year was for control of Boca Juniors infamous ‘La Doce’ also involved firearms and saw an innocent pensioner caught in the crossfire.

The final game and title decider sees Huracán travel to Vélez where a draw would be enough to secure the Clasura. It's sad that for all the sparkling football played by El Globo under the stewardship of Angel Cappa off the field activity grabs the headlines in what could be an historic season.

Hasta luego!