Thursday, 26 March 2009

World Cup (Qualifying) Fever

pssst..........Riquelme aint playing!!!!!

Diego fever seems to be gripping Buenos Aires. Despite the anti-Maradona pro-Riquelme stance taken by some Boca fans there wont be many spare seats this Saturday for his first competitive game in charge against Venezuela. The term one-sided could almost have been invented for this game, in 9 World Cup Qualifiers Venezuela haven't managed even one draw and have scored a mere 6 goals against Argentina's 30.

The fans are expecting goals and entertainment, the rumoured forward line of Messi-Aguero-Tevez should be more than sufficient to kick-start the party in the stands (get ready for a dull scoreless draw). A search on Argentine auction site shows cheaper tickets being traded for 6 or 7 times face value. For many this game will be an 'I was there' fixture as the serious business of World Cup qualification resumes at home and then at the strength sapping altitude of La Paz. As one fan explained in La Nacion 'With Diego everything will be better, our rivals will see us differently'.

Hasta luego!