Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Win Football Matches.............Or Else!

Everyone has an opinion. In years gone by those opinions were confined to the pub, the classroom or the factory, now thanks to the wonders of modern technology the whole world is exposed to them. Real Football Argentina is one such example. One outlet for the frustrated footy fan is the radio football phone-in, the BBC's football commentator Alan Green fronts one such programme. No subject is guaranteed to make the Ulsterman's blood boil more than 'booing'; Alan just can't understand it, why would any fan boo anything.

What then would the BBC's voice of football make of goings on at Independiente's training ground this week where things got a little upfront and personal. Avellaneda's other struggling club had a rough Apertura finishing a lowly 18th and kicked off last weekend with a 0-0 against Velez. All this has been too much to bear for some fans and patience is wearing thin. The Barras turned-up at training to offer some less than friendly words of encouragement/threats. Led by Pablo 'Bebote' Alvarez they not only demanded an improvement on last year's woeful display but also wanted travel expenses! Coach Miguel Santoro was less than impressed with the visit lamenting that 'these things aren't good for football' and that the whole episode wont help matters on the pitch.

So how did the 'boys' evade security at Los Rojos training ground? No evading required - as socios they walked straight in. Given the close working relationships between barras bravas and club regimes in Argentina maybe this visit was officially sanctioned. Quite how intimidation will motivate the team is anyone's guess. Training today has taken place behind closed doors.

Hasta luego!