Saturday, 13 September 2008

It's All Messi's Fault

Never one to mince his words, Diego has been at it again. The recepient of his outburst - none other than the latest 'next' Diego, Lionel Messi. In the aftermath of 2 less than convincing results for the national team in the World Cup Qualifiers (draws against Paraguay and Peru) El 10 let rip live on Fox. The general theme being that Messi is a selfish individualist on the park who could do more to help his team mates (remind you of anyone????):

'Messi sometimes plays for Messi'

'It's Deportivo Messi' (my personal fave).

'He forgets his team mates'

Well, I'll admit I didn't see the games (YOU WRITE AN ARGENTINE FOOTBALL BLOG AND DON'T WATCH THE GAMES!!!), but it seems a cheap shot to single out Messi for the woes of La Seleccion.

Responding to Maradona's comments on his return to Barcelona, Messi conducted himself with dignity and self-restraint, or maybe he was just knackered and jet-lagged:

'Diego always has something to say about me' 'I'm used to it and it doesn't bother me, there's no problem'. He could have a point to prove in his next game - watch out Racing Santander.